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The EnderBurner - Stealthburner Toolhead Upgrade Kit for Ender3

The EnderBurner - Stealthburner Toolhead Upgrade Kit for Ender3

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Introducing the EnderBurner - Stealthburner TooHead Upgrade Kit for Ender3, the ultimate enhancement for your 3D printing experience. This comprehensive kit is designed to take your Ender3 to the next level, providing a range of features that will elevate your printing capabilities and make your creations truly stand out.

Key Features:
1. Increased Part Cooling Performance: The EnderBurner upgrade ensures optimal part cooling, allowing for smoother and more precise prints even at higher speeds. Say goodbye to warping and hello to flawlessly finished models.

2. LED Print Illumination: Watch your creations come to life with built-in LEDs that illuminate the print as it progresses. This not only adds a touch of style to your printing process but also assists in monitoring the print in low-light conditions.

3. Clockwork 2 Direct Drive Extruder: Experience the benefits of a direct drive extruder with the Clockwork 2 system. It offers enhanced filament control, reduced stringing, and better overall print reliability, especially when using flexible materials.

4. Upgraded Hotend (Customer Choice): Tailor the upgrade to your specific needs with the option to choose an upgraded hotend. Whether you're looking for higher temperature capabilities or improved precision, this upgrade has you covered.

Optional Upgrades:
1. Can Bus Integration: Simplify your setup with the optional Can Bus upgrade, streamlining the cable management by running just four wires to the toolhead. This results in a cleaner and more organized workspace, reducing the risk of snagging or tangling.

2. Linear Rails: Transform your Ender3's stability and performance by opting for the upgrade from wheels to linear rails. Enjoy smoother and more accurate movements, minimizing vibrations and ensuring pristine print quality.

3. Rainbow Barf LED's: For those seeking a more eye-catching printing journey, the optional Rainbow Barf LED upgrade is the perfect choice. Add a splash of colors to your printer, making it a captivating centerpiece in your workspace.

4. Orange Pi 3: Experience enhanced processing power and versatility with the optional Orange Pi 3 upgrade. This opens up possibilities for advanced features and smoother operation, further optimizing your 3D printing workflow.

Unlock the true potential of your Ender3 with The EnderBurner - Stealthburner TooHead Upgrade Kit. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, this kit will transform your 3D printing endeavors, taking your creations to new heights of precision and visual appeal. Embrace the future of 3D printing and bring your imagination to life with this cutting-edge upgrade kit.

*Includes all of the screws and heat set inserts you will need to install the options that you choose!

*Typically ships in 2-4 business days

*Assembly is required, if you need assistance please reach out to us via chat and we will be glad to help you!

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