Printingium is your destination for a smarter 3D printing experience. Now expanding our offerings, we're thrilled to introduce our new selection of 3D printed toys and games. While the market may be crowded with options, we stand out with our printer kits, custom upgrades, and now, a captivating range of 3D printed toys and games. Whether you're diving into Voron 3D printers, enhancing your existing setup, or seeking stunning parts for any printer, we've got you covered. No empty promises, no unnecessary products – just practical, effective solutions designed to elevate your 3D printing projects. Leave the frustration and exaggerated marketing claims to the other guys, and discover Printingium for a refreshing approach to 3D printing.

Upgrade Kits

Ready to take your Voron 3D printer to the next level? Elevate your printing game with our comprehensive upgrade kits! Designed to enhance your Voron experience, our kits include all the essential components needed for a seamless upgrade, along with some convenient extras to ensure a smooth transition. Trust us, investing in your Voron's future is a decision you won't regret. Start your journey towards unparalleled printing excellence today.

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Printed Toys and Games

Dive into a world of endless fun and creativity with our curated collection of meticulously crafted 3D printed toys and games. Each item is carefully designed and expertly printed to bring joy to kids and adults alike. Explore our selection and discover the magic of 3D printing – where every toy is a masterpiece waiting to be explored!

Toys and Games
  • Printed Parts

    All functional parts are printed to voron specs to ensure your build lasts.

  • Can Bus

    Who needs over a dozen cables running through a cable chain when you can run four and ditch the cable chains?

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  • Upgrade Kits

    These kits are gorgeous and absolutely necessary for every voron owner.

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What people are saying:


Printingium is one of the BEST online sellers I have had the pleasure to deal with in all of my experience in online shopping. The follow up and communication was amazing pre-sale but what has impressed me the most is the post sales support provided to help me and my son build our Voron 2.4 r2. If you are considering purchasing your printed parts from anyone, look no further! This is the retailer you want to buy from! 5 stars!!!!


Fantastic quality! Really fast shipping! 10/10

Jon (a different one)

Hands down these are some of the best quality prints I have seen! I will definitely buy again! The customer service is amazing!


Printingium had great communication from the start and was very responsive to questions. Had a (common) clearance issue with a part. The part was immediately reprinted and shipped for free. Beautiful print quality. Would absolutely do business with again.