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Stealthburner Upgrade Kit (Full)

Stealthburner Upgrade Kit (Full)

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This kit includes everything you need to get from an afterburner setup to a full stealthburner with clockwork 2 tool head in a near plug and play fashion.  All of your heat set inserts are installed. Your LED's are soldered, tested, and installed. The 5015 fan is properly modified and installed. The 4010 fan (optional) is installed. The motor (optional) is included.

You'll need to move your extruder gear set over, then finish assembling the Clockwork 2 extruder.

If you need an extruder gear set or a wire harness to run from your controller board to the toolhead they are available as well.

Kit includes:
1x Printed parts kit (with CW2)
1x Modified 5015 blower fan (dual ball bearing)
1x set of heat set inserts, installed
3x neopixel LED's
3x M3x50mm SHCS
7x M3x25mm SHCS

1x NEMA 14 14HR07-1004VRN Motor
1x 4010 axial fan (dual ball bearing)
1x Gear set (purchase here)
1x MCU wire harness (purchase here)

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