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Mellow Fly-SHT V2.0 Can Bus Board

Mellow Fly-SHT V2.0 Can Bus Board

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Introducing the FLY SHT36 Board – Your Ultimate CAN Bus Solution

The FLY SHT36 Board is a state-of-the-art expansion device designed to connect seamlessly with your Klipper-based systems. With its advanced features and compact design, it offers unparalleled performance and reliability.

One of the standout features of the SHT36 Board is its CAN bus communication, ensuring stable data transmission with minimal delay over longer distances. This makes it ideal for a wide range of Linux-compatible devices, including Raspberry Pi. By adopting the CAN bus interface, you can experience more efficient and robust connectivity.

The board boasts a 6-layer design, carefully engineered to reduce its size without compromising functionality. This compact form factor makes it easy to integrate into your setup, saving valuable space while delivering exceptional performance.

Equipped with the versatile PT100 (MAX31865) support, the SHT36 Board enables precise temperature measurement for enhanced control and monitoring. Additionally, the board features a switchable 4.7K or 1.1K resistance value for the temperature measurement interface. It's important to note that you can modify this value as per your specific requirements when configuring the thermistor in the firmware.

We understand the importance of safety in your projects, and that's why we have incorporated several protective measures into the SHT36 Board. With a replaceable fan MOS and power reverse connection protection, you can rest assured that your system will be safeguarded from potential hazards.

The SHT36 Board comes with a range of new features to enhance your experience further. You can now enjoy support for both 4.7K and 1.1K resistors, allowing seamless switching for NTC thermal or PT1000 applications. The CAN interface has been upgraded to a new connector that supports up to 15A current, with a peak capacity of 30A. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to adjust the fan voltage to 5V, 12V, or 24V, ensuring compatibility with various cooling systems.

To simplify installation and prevent signal loss, we have included a 1m CAN connection cable, eliminating the need for precise terminal alignment. This hassle-free solution saves you time and effort during setup.

With its onboard TMC2209 driver, the SHT36 Board can power your extruder with efficiency and precision. Additionally, an ADXL345 accelerometer is integrated into the board, providing valuable motion sensing capabilities.

We value the continuous improvement of our products, and the FLY SHT36 Board is a testament to our commitment. It features numerous optimizations, including an increased heating rod port with a rated current of 10A, extended high voltage input limit, and a domestically sourced MCU for improved control.

Moreover, the board supports the magnetic encoder (AS5047D), offering motion analysis compatibility with Klipper firmware. For added convenience, the INT1 of the ADXL345 accelerometer is available for individual user leveling.

The FLY SHT36 Board is equipped with various peripheral interfaces, including USB, CAN, FAN, RGB, Servo, Probe, EndStop, PT100 4-wire (optional), and Thermal interfaces. This comprehensive range ensures seamless connectivity with a wide array of devices, giving you maximum flexibility in your projects.

When it comes to achieving the best state for your Klipper expansion devices, look no further than the FLY SHT36 Board. Its cutting-edge features, robust design, and exceptional performance make it the ideal choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Experience the power of CAN bus communication and take your projects to new heights with the FLY SHT36 Board.

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