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Beautiful Custom Chess Set, The Fortress From Hexchess 2 Design

Beautiful Custom Chess Set, The Fortress From Hexchess 2 Design

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Make a great statement or give an unforgettable gift with this stunning custom chess set designed by Dalla Corce Studio's. This chess set is entirely 3d printed (with optional weights added to the pieces) on Voron 2.4 printers that have been tuned to the extreme. The quality of these prints cannot be overstated. The layer lines are nearly non-existent. The detail is exquisite. The pieces are silky smooth. That said, they are 3d printed and therefore may contain a few artifacts or defects from that process.

There are three sized boards to choose from, the sizes listed are of the actual board not including the borders.
Small 10" board
Medium 13.5" board
Large 17" board (pictured)

Choose from 8 different sets of pieces:

To view all of the options visit the kickstarter:

Your color options are vast. I recommend visiting for ABS colors that will really make your board custom and amazing.

All credit for design of this set goes to Dalla Corce Studio's from whom I have obtained the necessary license and rights to print and sell this product.
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